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Boat Ramps

Our aim is to construct boat ramps which conform to, or exceed, specifications as laid down in 'The South Australian Boating Advisory Committees Guidelines for Boat Launching Facilities', and to provide a ramp with a greatly increased working life by the use of concrete planks reinforced with composite (non-metallic) material bars in lieu of standard steel re-bar.

Composite bars are used extensively within the underground mining industry, manufactured from fibre reinforced plastic with a tensile strength of 200 kN and shear strength of 50 kN, these rods prevent the spalling and deterioration of concrete panels due to the expansion of corrosion products associated with steel reinforcing.

Below water panels are stamped with parallel traction grooves and incorporate a non-slip exposed aggregate finish.

Surface panels have diagonal traction grooving and an off-form finish.

Planks can be manufactured to design requirements on site, or at our company yard for future transport.

An example of a plank used at the boat ramp at Cowell is available for inspection at our Burton yard.

boat ramp

boat ramp

Boat Ramp boat ramp boat ramp
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